Social Media Specialist (Internship)

Jakarta, Indonesia


  1. Currently pursuing a degree in Communications, Marketing, or related fields

  2. Able to operate social media and its features in general

  3. Creative thinking to create engaging and shareable ideas and content.

  4. Excellent communication skills, with a knack for storytelling and content creation

  5. Able to use editing video applications is a plus point

  6. Able to speak and write in English

  7. Positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and strong work ethic

  8. Available to work from the office

Job descriptions:

  1. Organize, operate, and monitor activities in the company’s social media.

  2. Create engaging and shareable ideas and content.

  3. Planning and developing social media daily briefs, content video/photo, and copywriting.

  4. Participating in the entire content creation process, including acting as a talent for the content.

  5. Analyze and make reports for the posted content

What's great in the job?

  • Great team of smart people, in a friendly and open culture
  • No dumb managers, no stupid tools to use, no rigid working hours
  • No waste of time in enterprise processes, real responsibilities and autonomy
  • Expand your knowledge of various business industries
  • Create content that will help our users on a daily basis
  • Real responsibilities and challenges in a fast evolving company